Welcome to the Australian Federation of Minor Parties and Independents

The Federation was birthed to help give all Australians a more significant voice into the direction of their nation.

We do this by helping and empowering political parties and independents do what they do best – fight for their cause and the Australians they represent.

We believe that:

  • The major political parties and greens are not supportive of ‘Australia’s Sovereign Future’ and the interests of Australian Citizens and Residents first
  • The political system in Australia is broken
  • The political culture in Australia is divisive
  • Australia’s people need to be united across historic political lines and interests and divisive politics to be able to fight together for their own local community and family needs
  • We believe that there are important stands that Australian people need to be able to make, through whatever political party or independent they choose and be ensured that all parties have access to the resources and infrastructure that they need, to become electorally successful, and get their candidates elected and form Government.


  • We believe we are all stronger through unity.
  • We believe that people – regardless of background, religion or belief deserve common courtesy and respect.
  • We believe that Australia can protect/increase its quality by uniting and fighting for human values.
  • We believe the centre of politics is the best place for all people and communities to benefit from progress.

What are the current main weaknesses for parties and independents?

  • They are mostly small or unknown by nature
  • Technology
  • Marketing – getting their messages out to the broader public
  • Fund Raising – engaging with people outside their membership or networks with similar beliefs
  • Tribe nurturing / tribe building
  • Human resources – administrative and online
  • Manning campaigns
  • Manning pre-poll and polling booths

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